Are You a "Rookie" When It Comes to Real Estate Investing?

Four short years ago we were in your shoes and we have built a platform to teach others how to invest in rental property.  We're not millionaires, just everyday people who have learned through experience and now we are on a mission to help other "rookie" investors like you.

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Check out the video tutorials in Module 1 to learn about how to find properties.  In these videos you will hear about what important aspects-schools, industry, entertainment- you should look for in an area where you're looking to invest.  Once you find the perfect area, our videos will show you where to find properties and what to do once you've found a potential investment. Get started now.

Most investors will agree that hands down the most important thing is to run the numbers.  In order to run the numbers accurately though, you need to know what to look for.   We will walk you through how we analyze a property to see if it is worth pursuing.  Another video will also focus on the concept of ROI and why it is important in real estate investing. Below you will find video tutorials and worksheets to help you understand the number side of investing in rental property. Get Started Now.

Congrats on buying your rental!  The work doesn’t stop now.  These videos will help you navigate self managing your properties. From what to include in a tenant application to the importance of having a walk thru at your property, these videos will give you insight to help you navigate the world of being a landlord. Get Started Now.

"What I find great about your podcasts is that you relate directly to the regular landlord. Your stories, advice, and how-to guides are from your own experiences with your own properties. These are the same experiences many landlords face. Keep up the great work!"

- George, ProperlyRent
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Don't be "stuck" in your own life.  Let rental properties give you financial options.

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I'm Here Because I've Been In Your Shoes

Not that long ago I was clueless about real estate and investing. With a desire to learn and understand this niche, I made a commitment to educate myself through reading and trial and error. Even today, my husband and I are continuing to learn and grow as buy and hold investors. As an educator at heart, my goal is to help you get moving on the road to investing in rental property.  Through my own experiences and the expertise of others in the field of real estate investing I hope to inspire you to take action and start taking control of your financial future so that you can live your life the way you dream of living.

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