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Your new mentor & investing bestie

When it came to investing...I was absolutely clueless. I had never heard of a return on investment before. The only "investing experience" I had was from a stock market project I did in my high school Law & Economics class. I was happy and content teaching Romeo and Juliet and living in the symbolic world of literature.  And then I met my husband.  He shook things up.  Big time.

He was a finance guy who lived and breathed numbers and investments.  I was a high school English teacher from an entire family of teachers. Literally everyone except my brother works in education.

So to say that doing anything other than teaching was a bit crazy, is an understatement...

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The Must-Have

Rental Property Roadmap

We'll show you the proven step-by-step process to buying that first rental property in 8 steps.


What can we help YOU with....

I need help with finding properties.  I don't know where to look.

Don't sweat it.  Believe it or not, most individuals who join our community feel lost when it comes to finding deals and ask the same questions you're probably thinking.  Inside, we walk you through getting started with finding deals.  We cover: pros and cons of different property types, underrated places to find potential deals, researching markets to determine where you should be looking and more.

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I need help with running numbers on properties to make sure I make money every month.

We get it, making money is why you're getting into this.  So running the numbers is one of the most important parts of this process. With our video lessons, along with our property analyzers, you can learn what numbers you need to ask for when researching a property and how to calculate your return on investment so you know how much money you should make BEFORE you buy the property.

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I'm not sure where to start. I currently listen to podcasts and am reading books to learn more so I can make the best decision possible.  But I'd love a guide to help me get started.

I know how you feel.  When we got started I had no idea what we were doing and it was a scary feeling.  That's why we're here.  To be your guide, mentor, or kick in the butt to take action so that you can learn the process of buying rental property, get confident in the process and start building a life on your terms.

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I want to buy rental property, but I need help comparing properties as to which ones have good and bad potential.

There's no sugar coating anything. There's a lot to you have to look for as an investor when you're looking at properties.  The paint color and carpet don't really matter any more.  You need to watch for old furnaces, structural issues, leaking roofs, knob and tube wiring.  These are the things that break the bank and need to be looked for BEFORE you buy a property.

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I need help with self-managing my property. I've heard horror stories and I don't want that to be me.

I swear it seems like you only ever hear the stories about the bad tenants who call at 2 am. The stories you don't hear are the ones of great tenants who pay on time, fix their own problems, and never call you. Those aren't the stories you tend to hear, but the truth is those can be your stories.  With a good tenant screening process, a good property and a stand out listing you can have your properties listed to your best possible tenants.

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What Other Rookie Investors Are Saying


I just want to say thank you for encouraging people to use Facebook ads.  I had looked into it a while back but  never actually posted an ad until today.  After only an hour my property received 10 likes and 1 very promising phone call.  THANK YOU!

Tina Opel

Wow thanks for the personal message.  I thought it was neat because people don't take the time to do that anymore. I love the website and the podcast.  Thanks for all you and your husband do.

Eric Devall, The Browning Gerald Group, LLC.