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Rewind just a few years ago and I was standing in front of a class of 8th graders teaching them how to analyze literature, make connections and synthesize information.  I never imagined that I would have left that job.

And the truth is...I truly loved teaching.

My burning desire to live a life by my design was not because I didn't like my job or I was miserable working a 9-5.

I loved my students and enjoyed watching them florish in my classroom.

But the truth is....I wanted flexibility.

I wanted the ability to raise my girls before they go off to school....

I wanted the ability to travel when we wanted to....not when the school calendar said I could. (which usually was when everyone else is traveling).

I never thought that real estate would be the key to this. In fact, I never even understood the whole real estate investing thing until just a few short years ago.

When Kirk, my husband, talked me in to buying a rental property.

To be totally truthful, the only reason I agreed was because I was excited about doing the renovation.  I didn't even understand the whole making money part of it

You see, I knew nothing about real estate...and very little about investing.  I had lived in the same house for my entire childhood, until I moved to college when I was 18.

When I graduated college...

I was simply excited about having a job and making money.

Retirement....passive income.....and long term wealth were things I barely considered.

Yes, I had opened a retirement account through work as my parents and husband said I should. But besides that I was happy to earn my income, enjoy time with my new husband with very little financial forward thinking.

So when I agreed to buying that first rental property....I was clueless.

I learned on the fly through trial and error relied completely on Kirk that we were making a wise financial decision.



I mean, we were newly married and buying this property was taking MOST of the cash we had saved to this point.

So, it was definitely scary for me.

And then a funny thing happened.  We started getting checks each month from our tenants.  And I started to wrap my head around this cash flow thing that Kirk had talked so much about.

Because I could see it now.  It was in my hand.

I was watching us make money every month as a result of this property...and it was taking little work.

So, I decided that it was time that I actually put forth the effort to understand this real estate investing thing.  For the next two years, I immersed myself in reading books, listening to podcasts, chatting with other investors and learning through trial and error.

We made mistakes....and we learned as we went.

But I was committed to educating myself as much as possible because what I realized after that first rent check came in was that we were in control of this investment.

And I wasn't going to screw it up.




I started RentalRookie for two main reasons...

The reality is when you're getting started with investing in rental property, it can be overwhelming and scary.  The thought of being in actual control of the investment, with no financial planner to blame if it blows up, is enough to make many stop dead in their tracks.

I know how that feels.  I was in your shoes and luckily I had Kirk to have my back when it came to understanding the numbers.

Now I'm here to have your back.  I want to show you that anyone can invest in rental property.  You don't have to be a finance guru or real estate professional to find success with investing in rentals.

If you commit to your dream of financial independence and putting in the time to learn how to invest wisely it can change your life.

That's why we're here.  We are here to help you on your journey and cheer you on so that you too can live a life by your design.


Emily Du Plessis, founder




A Little About Me....

I'm a wife and mom of two girls and one boy: Molly, Anna & Colin


I have a passion for travel.  Some of my favorite places to visit are Barcelona, Florence and Paris!


I'm an avid runner & exercise enthusiast!


I played volleyball in college.


I'm a big Pittsburgh sports fan!

"Life is too short to NOT be living a life you design.  Time is fleeting and we can't get it back, so don't waste another moment wishing to have more flexibility or more financial freedom."

-Emily Du Plessis

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