Where should I advertise my rentals for listing?

Where should I advertise my rentals for listings?

Hey, Emily Du Plessis here from Rental Rookie and today, I’m going to answer the question – “Where should I advertise my rentals for listings?” There are a number of places out there that you can list your rentals. I’m going to go over a handful. I’m going to talk about some that are free. I’m going to talk about some that are paid. First, I’m going to always start off with the free ones. Some of the first staple places that people go… Craigslist is always typically a pretty popular place to go. It’s free. You can put a lot of information, a lot of pictures up there.

You can go to other sites like Zillow or Postlets. A lot of those, when you list with one of those bigger platforms, they syndicate with a lot of other rental websites that are out there. The nice thing about it is if you list your property with them, it will syndicate and go to potentially five, ten other sites that are out there that people use to look for rentals, so I definitely look into that as well.

If you’re using any kind of online property management software, sometimes they offer a listing service where you can just create your listing right in that online property management software and they will syndicate it and send it out to a bunch of listing companies as well, things like Zillow and realtor.com and HotPads and all of those sorts of sites that are out there, so definitely look into listing those.

Those are some of the free ones. What other free one that’s kind of a new one that’s been popping up is the Facebook marketplace. You can go into your local Facebook marketplace. I know around where we live, there’s actually a specific for sale or for rent group within that marketplace where people can go in and list properties that are for sale, properties that are for rent and it’s free, totally free.

You can go in and you put it there and your audience is highly targeted. Everybody’s on Facebook these days and especially I guess I should say the older people who are renting. The younger generation, I don’t think tends to be on Facebook as much, the tweens and the teens, but our older generations are still on Facebook and so, that’s a great place to go.

I will talk about a couple of paid ones. I mean, if you still want to pay to put it in a newspaper, if that’s still a popular place that people look in your area, definitely something to consider. I will mention Facebook ads. You are able… Anybody, if you have a page, you can make a business page for your rental.

It can run Facebook ads. We’ve had success with this. We’ve had people within the community have success with this where you’re able to highly target the people that you’re looking for or potential renters in your area with your ad. You pay a little bit of money, but you’re able to get that ad right in front of the people that you want to rent it to and where are people. You’re meeting them where they are. They are online. They are scrolling. They are looking. You don’t have to hope for them to go and pick up a newspaper and read the newspaper. You’re going and you’re putting your property right in front of where they are. I would definitely look into Facebook ads as well if you’re willing to spend a little bit of money.

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