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Tired of taking rental applications to showings and giving one out to every person or having problems with possible tenants' ability to return applications?  Look no further.  Our new online application allows you a paperless system that is all web based and helps your properties get rented faster.

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Basic Rental Application

Our basic rental application includes all of the necessary information you need to ask a possible tenant.  This application is completely web based and integrates with dropbox or google docs to keep files of all tenants that apply for your property.  You'll receive notification emails when an individual applies and be able to access that information immediately enabling you a quicker tenant screening process. Get started with our Basic Rental Application now.

Basic Rental Application

  • Application Integration

    Once a possible tenant completes an application, their application is immediately integrated with Dropbox or Google Docs so that you can access their information when and where you want.

  • Important Fields

    The application includes all of the most important and necessary fields required for you to complete a successful tenant screen.

  • Email Notifications

    You will receive email notifications whenever an application is submitted for your property.

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Pro Rental Application

  • All of the Benefits of Basic

    Upgrading to the Pro rental application allows you all of the benefits of the basic rental application plus the following additions.

  • File Uploads

    Applicants can upload files, such as bank statements, credit reports, etc., to their application for you to review.

  • Custom Fields

    You choose all of the fields that you wish to see on your rental application so that you receive all of the necessary information from applicants you desire.

  • Custom Branding

    The pro application allows you to include your branding, logo and own color scheme to coordinate with your business.

  • Monthly Analytics

    Receive a monthly newsletter providing you with the analytics of your application.  This enables you to see where and how your prospective tenants are coming from.

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Pro Rental Application

The pro rental application includes everything from the basic application and more.  You can choose what fields you would like included in your tenant application, include your own personal branding, and color scheme.  This allows the rental application to fit into your business and illustrate your branding. Upgrade to the Pro Application now.

The Benefits of Online Rental Applications

Save Paper & Be Eco Friendly

How many applications have you given to possible tenants and never received back?  Save paper by having tenants complete applications online.

Encompass a Larger Tenant Pool

It may be surprising, but not all people have access to fax machines or scanners to get a paper application back to you.  We've run into this problem many times which is why we created this application.  Allow anyone that can access the internet be a possible tenant for your property.

Automate Your Business

In today's world we are always looking to save time.  Our online applications help automate your business by sending you email notifications when an application is submitted and auotmatically syncing with other platforms like Dropbox and Google Docs.

Custom Branding For Your Business

Make the rental application highlight your brand and business by customizing the logo, color scheme and fields included.

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