Quick Announcements: The Podcast is Coming Back

The Podcast is Coming Back

Yes, that’s right.  The podcast will be returning to this summer! I can’t tell you how excited I am to be chatting with you each week again as I feel like there is so much we have all learned and experienced over the last year that we can share. On this quick announcement episode, I…

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Renovations at Home

Follow The Step By Step Process That We Went Through For Our Rehab 1 Walk Thru To start the process of a renovation, the first thing Acreage Developments by Reborn Renovations do is walk through the property and inspect the as is condition.  Generally, we start by taking note of the cosmetic things that need…

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Show164: How we Doubled our Unsecured Line of Credit

unsecured line of credit

Lines of credit can be a great financial strategy when it comes to financing rental property. Whether it be a HELOC, secured line of credit or unsecured line of credit it allow you some flexibility to acquire property. What is an unsecured line of credit? An unsecured line of credit is a revolving account that…

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Using Seller Financing to Buy Rental Property

seller financing

A misconception of seller financing is that it is only good for the buyer. Financing is one of the major topics where questions arise when it comes to buying rental property including luxury apartments or furnished apartments. Where do you get the money? How do I save the money? Where can I get rental property…

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Show163: This is Your Year…Make it Happen

Your Dream

Yep….not just a new year…it’s a new decade. And with that comes excitement and inspiration and motivation. It’s like you wake up one morning a totally changed and motivated individual…. because that’s what happens. We go to bed on December 31st every year and wake up a new person the next morning. Right? I’m here…

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Show162: 4 Things to Kick off Your Investing Journey

getting started

The 12th Day of Christmas! We’ve made it to the end of our 12 days of Christmas and I hope I’ve inspired and motivated you to kick some butt in 2020. So to end our 12 day long focus of learning about investing in real estate (look at here for advice) I’m giving you 4…

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Show161: Overcoming stage fright with investing

stage fright

It’s the 11th Day of Christmas Stage fright. Have you ever felt this? When you’ve worked so hard at something (dance, piano, athletic event, choir concert) you’ve put your blood, sweat and tears into really mastering the skill so you can perform well. And you get to the event…..and your slammed with stage fright. It…

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Show160: Tax benefits of buying rental property

tax benefits of buying rental property

It’s the 10th day of Christmas! We are about to kick off a brand spanking new year. And if you already own rental properties like student apartments for rent but have not kept track of your tax deductible items for investing in rentals now’s the time to clean that side of the business up. If…

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Show159: The importance of tenant experience

tenant experience

It’s the 9th day of Christmas and it’s my birthday!! And in the spite of gift giving in receiving I want to talk about tenant experience and how providing tenants with unexpected gifts can be huge in having proud, loyal tenants. Think about it. We put a lot of effort, time and money into buying…

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Show158: Running numbers on properties to ensure it’s a good deal

buying investment property

Jacob recently asked, “How do I know I’m buying a good deal?” What is awesome about investing in real estate is that we know before we ever close on a deal and sign the dotted line whether a property is a good deal. The process of buying rental property is in a lot of your…

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