1 Asset Protection Strategy You Wish You Knew (3 Reasons Why To Use It)

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When you become a real estate investor one of the things you have to begin to think about is protecting yourself and your assets.  One of the mistakes a rookie investor can make is to become so engrossed in the here and now of finding, buying, and renting out a property that they fail to think about how to protect themselves and their financials.

Today's video is going to share with you one of the strategies that we (my husband and I) use in our own real estate investing.  Although there are multiple ways in which you can get protection-LLCs, trusts, umbrella policies, etc- this video focuses on qualifying and buying property under one person's name.

When you are investing with a partner, spouse, or family members and having to qualify for financing this can be an advantageous way for you to divide your assets for protection and gives you the opportunity to buy more houses!

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