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One of the crucial things I've learned while investing in real estate is that I am constantly learning.  There's always something new to learn, and in the world of real estate investing, realistically my husband and I are really still in the early stages.  Just because we have bought some properties and have been successfully earning cash flow each month for the last couple of years doesn't mean we know it all.

One of the ways I keep learning is by reading other blogs in this field, especially in the buy and hold niche.  There are a plethora of great bloggers out there offering awesome content. Along with the great blogs, the fact is that there are a ton of bad blogs.  It takes time to sort through the good and the bad and to find ones that really do seem to offer great content.

Today, I want to share with you 5 sites that I frequently visit in hopes that you will not have to waste time going through the good, the bad, and the ugly of real estate blogs.  4 out of 5 of these blogs focus solely on investing the world of real estate.   The fifth blog that I'm adding to this list I feel focuses on one of the inspirations for many of us who invest in real estate...passive income.  Pat Flynn and Smart Passive Income has been such an inspiration and motivation for my husband and I when it comes to planning for our future.  He offers tons of advice, information, and guidance on the idea of living off of passive income so you can have the life you truly want!


What do I look for?


Epic Content.  This is where the real value of a blog exists. They could have sweet graphics and giveaways; however, if the content they're writing stinks, then what's the point of going there. I look for good actionable advice, proof in numbers of what they are doing & advice that they can back from their own experience. These things can help me continue to learn in the world of investing.



Easy Design.  When I get to a website I can easily tell in the first 5 seconds whether or not the blogger has put considerable thought into making their site easy to navigate.  The thing I hate the most is getting to a website where I need a manual in order to get around.  Sites need to be visibly clean, easy to navigate, and not inundated with ads and banners.



So.... in effort to save you time, check out these sites below to find more great content in the field of real estate investing!






This is a collective site on real estate investing; however, Mark gives some nice numbers and descriptions of his rental properties and shares some good insight on how to get a deal done. He also offers a book, The Complete Blueprint for Successful Real Estate Investing.  Check out his site to follow him on his goal to reach 100 properties by 2023.





Eric provides great insight and pictures into the properties he owns.  Providing some free forms and great real life advice, nononsenselandlord is a great resource to see pursuit in action. Eric tackles all sorts of topics on his blog related to rental properties including death and pests. If you're looking for nonsense landlording, check out Eric's site.






Meet Barb, an inspiring woman who chronicles her experience in buying and managing rental properties.  Check out her blog to learn more about her 27+ units and lots of other good stuff that she shares related to rental properties. She even has a book that focuses on low to middle income level rentals.  Check her site out!





Of course, BP is one of the top real estate investing websites out there today offering both rookie and veteran investors, and everyone in between, tons of information.  Jump on the forums and start networking with other investors, read the great blogs written by Brandon Turner and other great contributors, or hop on their up and coming webinars.  This is a great resource for any real estate investor in any subfield of the topic.






If you want motivation to live off of passive income, then Pat Flynn is just the man you need to meet!  He truly offers epic content and gives actionable ideas to help you find ways for passive income.  Yes, his website is not real estate specific; however, at the root of many of our desires to invest in real estate, especially buy and hold properties, is this idea of  earning passive income.  Check his site out, I promise you won't be disappointed...you'll be inspired!


Let us know some of your favorite blogs that are teaching and inspiring you on your real estate investing journey!

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  • Mark Ferguson

    Reply Reply July 15, 2014

    Thank you very much for including My site!

  • Thanks for the shoutout and kind words on my web site!

  • admin

    Reply Reply July 16, 2014

    No problem to both of you! Thanks for sharing your experiences and advice with all of us!

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