50 Real Estate Investing Websites To Motivate you to Take Action

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If you are interested in real estate investing then you have come to the right place.

We've compiled a list of 50 real estate websites that are dedicated to various avenues of real estate investing: rental property, flipping, mobile home investing, crowdfunding and more.  We've spent time scouring the web https://www.williampitt.com/search/real-estate-sales/woodstock-ct/ to find some of the best content out there for you to check out.

Time is something that no one has enough of and so we did the hard work for you.  In addition, we organized the sites by topic so that you can easily scroll through the post and find exactly what you are looking for.



The site offers a transparent look at how to make money with real estate on a part-time basis. With the right 2016-06-08_1435direction, the blog aims to help you pursue the right things and guides you on which goals to prioritize.

About the Author: Seth Williams, Founder of REtipster, understands that finding success in real estate can be very challenging. A lot of people struggle to survive in this profession, but it doesn't have to be difficult if you're working this business the right way. He will show you how to eliminate the hassles and focus on what matters.


The site aims to help professionals, investors, homeowners, and other aficionados in all aspects of real estate and2016-06-16_0735 real estate investing. This website provides tools, data, and resources to enhance real estate knowledge, networking, dealmaking, marketing, and other day to day real estate activities.

About the Author: Aside from being the CEO of BiggerPockets, Joshua Dorkin is also an entrepreneur, web designer, real estate investor, and one-time realtor. He started the website because he was not satisfied by the online offerings of other real estate sites out there.


The site is a great resource where you can learn how to flip houses for a living or when just want to learn how to 2016-06-08_1445rehab a house for fun and profit.

About the Author: J Scott initially started 123Flip to track his journey as a new real estate investor. He blogs about his own property ventures and mishaps. he also provides walkthroughs, tips and advice to aspiring investors.

Afford Anything

This site offers you three different paths to success, depending on your current status in life. The website also 2016-06-08_1457offers insightful commentary about the author's experiences in real estate.

About the Author: Paula Pant's blog shares her inspiring story of her humble beginnings - how she quit her 9-5 job and invested in 6 rental units years ago. Now she travels the world and blogs to show others how to do the same.


This site aims to help people become real estate investors either as rental property owners, flippers, wholesalers or 2016-06-16_0746even note owners. The website offers proven tactics and strategies on financing, finding, buying, rehabbing and renting rental properties.

About the Author: Mark Ferguson, founder, offers proven tactics and strategies on how to become financially free through real estate. If you're looking for expert advice on how to build a life with plenty of earned income and passive income, he's the guy!

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The site offers step-by-step advice on how to jumpstart a house-flipping enterprise. You can find a lot of easy 2016-06-16_0811reads with tons of value.

About the Author: Danny Johnson shows you how it's possible to go from working a regular 9-5 job to living out your real estate dreams. He's been flipping houses for 10 years.

The Real Estate Guys

The site provides an in-depth conversation on different real estate topic. Spectators can chime in by asking 2016-06-16_0821questions, which are answered on-air or on the blog by their excellent team of advisors.

About the Author: Robert Helms is the host and founder of the radio show The Real Estate Guys. He brings a depth of real world experience, academic expertise, quick wit and high energy to each and every episode of his show as well as the blog.

Clever Investor

The site is perfect for beginners seeking to learn how to invest in real estate. It is filled with excellent free 2016-06-16_0842resources, insider tips and a team of real estate investors that manages to put a comedic spin on even the most cut-and-dried real estate topics.

About the Author: Cody Sperber, founder and CEO, fills his blog with tips and tricks to help you be successful. He adds a comical twist to posts, which makes reading a lot of his content really fun.

Real Estate In Your Twenties

The site provides a great platform to get tips, tricks and “hacks” for investors who have an eye on the rental 2016-06-16_0922market. A webinar is hosted each week to share even more strategies for succeeding as a real estate investor.

About the Author: Brandon Turner proves that success isn’t just for the “seasoned” real estate investor. He is one of the men behind the Bigger Pockets. Real Estate in Your Twenties is his personal real estate blog where he teaches you the quickest and most stable way to financial freedom through real estate.


The site aims to break down the finer points of rental property investing. This blog is also a great resource for 2016-06-22_0915investors who want to find out how to attract higher paying tenants or what should be included in a lease agreements.

About the Author: Lucas Hall founded Lanlordology in 2013. He started the blog to share the techniques he has learned through the years to manage rental in any economy – helping build financial security and keep properties rented.

Mobile Home Investing

The site is an authority site that caters exclusively to manufactured home investors. The website provides helpful2016-06-22_1416 steps on how to create income via the mobile homes using the Mobile Home Formula.

About the Author: John Fedro took on his first investment property in 2002. He shares all the valuable lessons he has learned about mobile home investing over the years through his blog.

Flip This Wholesaler

The site specializes in the wholesaling aspect of the real estate. You will find much recommended resources such 2016-06-22_1435as videos and checklists to jumpstart your real estate career.

About the Author: Steph Davis started her website in 2006. She writes her blog to help real estate beginners as she recounts how she was able to succeed amidst the failures she personally experienced.

Cash Flow Diary

The site helps new and experienced investors find investment opportunities, close deals, raise private capital, how2016-06-23_0541 to get or negotiate leads.The website provides advice and strategies learn win-win solutions to solve real estate “problems” for buyers, sellers and other investors.

About the Author: J. Massey, CEO, is a full-time real estate investor, entrepreneur, podcast host, author, speaker and coach. He has turned his real-world field work into killer training courses.

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The Southern Investor

The site showcases the triumphs and failures that a beginner experiences. It's a great resource if you’re looking 2016-06-23_0621for personal stories or you want to learn from a pro who’s been there.

About the Author: Brooks started out as an entrepreneur, but he soon realized that real estate investing was what intrigued him the most. He shares every investing tool, tip, and trick that he comes across in his investing career.

Epic Real Estate

The site aims to inform the public how to achieve multiple streams of income by following a system and 2016-06-16_0933simplifying the complex concept of real estate investing.

About the Author: After serving as a Desert Storm Marine, Matt Theriault built a small real estate empire with hardly using one dime of his own money. He has a knack for simplifying complex real estate investment processes.

Bawld Guy

The site offers coaching on how to make sound financial decisions as well as how to improve their real estate investing decisions. You can find a bawld guy 2wide resource of videos, audio interviews, investment opportunities and information on events held for investors.

About the Author: Jeff Brown is a Real Estate Investing Consultant with 35 years of experience helping others reach their financial dreams.

Investing Now Network

This site helps investors focus on how to achieve real estate goals through bootcamps, with the latest wealth tips and strategies.investing now

About the Author: Jim Ingersoll created a guideline of webinars for real estate investors to follow. He offers strategies from his own experience to provide guidance for fellow investors.

Black Belt Investors

This site is an education, consulting and investment firm specializing in the art of creating cash and wealth through buying, selling and investing in black_belt_investorsreal estate. Black Belt Investor aims to spreading real estate knowledge to help others build a successful real estate investing career.

About the Author: “Sensei” Sean Gilliland, Founder and President, has been in the real estate business for 20 years. He teaches readers how to get actionable tips for getting ahead in real estate through seminars, personal coaching, and group meetings.

Pine Financial Group

This site has a team of trusted advisers who would be able to give you a full rundown on everything investors need to know about financing. Pine pine financialFinancial Group has extensive knowledge and experience in both conventional and portfolio lending.

About the Author: Kevin Amolsch, President, has spent more than 12 years as a real estate investor and 10 years in real estate lending. He is an author, frequent speaker, and he actively leads the Pine Financial group.

Do Hard Money

This site provides short-term lending to investors. This blog gives solid advice on how to finance real estate investments. Tips on buying, rehabbingdo hard money and selling homes can also be found in abundance.

About the Author: Ryan G. Wright, CEO, started his career in real estate at the early age of 21. He has published 3 books. He has been a featured speaker in several real estate engagements. He started the website to provide a way for others to grow their real estate investing business by offering short term loans with no money down and no monthly payments.

CT Homes 

This site provides free advice to a variety of different homeowners, especializing foreclosure avoidance, debt removal or renegotiation, andcthomes property sales. The blog also tackles issues like dealing with realtors, buying your next home, and rehabbing homes for profit.

About the Author: JD Esajian focuses on giving a wealth of information for buyers and sellers. he has a great team with extensive knowledge of the business, network of resources, and years of expertise in dealing with a wide variety of real estate problems.

Memphis Invest

This site is a family-owned real estate investing company offers services and experience that investors need in investing in real estate. This blogs alsomemphis inv offers tips for real estate investors and news about the real estate investing world.

About the Author: Kent Clothier, Founder, brings more than 30 tears of real estate and entrepreneural experience to the clients of Memphis Invest. He provides a roadmap to follow when making decisions about all things real estate.

Dean Graziosi

This site features tips and insights from his own deals and real estate experience, which he has accummulated for 15 years being a Businessman, deangrEntrepreneur, multiple NY Times bestselling author and Inspirational speaker.

About the Author: Dean is known for his infomercial TV series. He has written 5 books which have dominated the real estate book sales space since 2006. Through his blog, he aims to provide opportinities for real estate investing.

Don R. Campbell

This site focuses on providing the most current real estate investment education programs and economic research materials. This website is perfectdonrcampbell for beginners and those that need a refresher.

About the Author: Don R. Campbell shares his strategies and economic research at monthly meetings, events and online, through his website. He is a Real Estate Educator, Researcher, Investor and Best-Selling Author of 4 books. He is Canada's go-to person for national and local TV, magazines, newspapers and radio whenever the discussion of real estate arises.

Louisville Gals Real Estate Blog

This site aims to help other investors gain financial freedom. The Louisville Gals Real Estate blog provides quality content that will help anyone get louisvillestarted in real estate investing.

About the Author: Sharon Vornholt has been in the real estate business since 1998. She is a full time investor, blogger, coach, podcast host, and has numerous published articles in other real estate sites and publications.

Fortune Builders

This site boasts of the developed the systems, tools, educational platform and coaching programs that they have to accelerate new and existing real fortuneestate investor businesses.

About the Author: Than Merrill, CEO, aims to provide a blueprint to start and grow a real estate business, not just providing advice on a single aspect of investing

Norada Real Estate Investing

This site assists you succeed by minimizing risks and maximizing your real estate's profitability. This website also aims to research top real estate noradagrowth markets and structure complete turn-key real estate investments tailored for you.

About the Author: Marco Santarelli, Founder and President, focuses on helping other investors build wealth through the power of real estate. He is also the host of the Passive Real Estate Investing show which teaches how to build passive income while creating long-term wealth.


This site is a wealth of resource focusing on personal finance and real estate topics. Common issues such as mortgage, investing in real estate, credit,thinkglink financial tools are examples of strategic content in the blog. The website also offers consumer advise on the most common money problems.

About the Author: Ilyce R. Glink is an award-winning, nationally-syndicated columnist, television reporter, radio talk show host, bestselling book author, and sought-after speaker. She is also chief content strategist, dealing with all aspects of real estate and personal finance.

Jacob Grant Property Management

This site is a great resource to get marketing ideas for real estate. Whether you are looking for ways to market your rentals, how to be a successsful jacobgrantlandlord, or if you are looking for real estate mobile apps, this is the best place to go.

About the Author: Jacob Grant Property Management has a great team assisting tenants and owners. real estate blog with some great input from experienced investors. Trinda is the team leader and lead property manager. In addition, Trinda manages all owner/investor services.

Wealth Steps

This site walks you through various house flips and renovations to show readers what’s involved on how to be profitable. There is a wealth of legacy wealthstepsinformation that can be useful to a real estate investor.

About the Author: Luis writes “Wealth Steps” to demonstrate that anyone can take the steps to build wealth and live a life that is meaningful. He believes that wealth is about independence, personal freedom and not being constrained by financial circumstances.

The Investor Insights

This site is an excellent source for real estate investing information and financing insights, perfect for budding real estate investors.investor insights

About the Author: Susan Lassiter-Lyons, Founder, created the website to share her experiences and knowledge in the real estate industry. She offers coaching and webinars geared toward the beginners.

The Blog Of Joe Crump

The site is a treasure trove for serious investors want to focus on real. This is a great resource if you’re just starting out and don’t know what to do orjoecrump whom to trust.

About the Author: Joe Crump tried his luck in the film industry first, before realizing that real estate investing gave him more freedom and control of his life. He shares 30 years of experiences, as well as trials and errors on his blog.

Struggling Investor

The site was started to motivate and provide encouragement to beginners in real estate investing. This is yet another great resource for beginners.struggling investor

About the Author: Scott is a full time software developer who wholesales real estate as a side business. Through various tips and tricks, Scott steers you in the right direction to real estate investing success.

The Boston Investor

The site focuses on providing information and resources as well as sage-like advice for investors who are boston investorlooking to get started in the real estate investing industry.

About the Author: Justin Silverio shares a strategic and analytical approach to real estate investing. He now focuses on fixing and flipping houses, as well as wholesaling, as he continues to ramp up his marketing and gathering more leads through his website.

Rock Star Inner Circle

This site is full of tips and stories that will help you start a real estate investing business completely from scratch.rockstar innercircle

About the Authors: Brothers Tom and Nick Karadza's goal is to build a real estate investing business and a real estate brokerage dedicated to investors. In a span of 10 years, they have mastered the game of real esteate investing.

Property M.O.B.

The site is a membership toolbox offering access to premium content that every real estate investor needs. Property M.O.B.(Makers of Bad Ass property mobInvestors) also holds monthly meetings and access to facebook support, coaching and associate training is also offered.

About the Author: Tracy Caywood, CEO of Property MOB, provides all the content and traninng for the website. Tracy has ventured into many arenas of real estate investing but she ended up as a master of buying properties.


This site provides a comprehensive system for real estate investors with education, research, resources and technology to deal with all areas of their jasonhartmanincome property investment needs.

About the Author: Aside from running his successful real estate and media businesses, Jason Hartman is the Founder and CEO of Platinum Properties Investor Network. He offers real estate education and a wealth of resources in all areas of income property management.

Hipster Investments

This site connects you to the latest investing opportunities. If you are interested in turnkey rental properties but you don't want to get your hands hipster investmentsdirty, Hipster investments will do all the work!

About the Author: Ali Boone, Founder, helps beginners understand the principle of passive turnkey investing. She believes that real estate investing is one of the best vehicles for passive income.

House Flipping School

This site is a home for people who want to learn how to make money flipping houses. The finer points of house flipping are broken down into houseflippingcourses to help investors close their first house flip like a pro.

About the Author: Mike LaCava shares his own experience in house-flipping and in the real estate industry. He built the House Flipping School to have a community of people eager to learn from each other's real estate success.


This site is an all-in-one guide full of useful real estate investing tips, strategies, and ideas for real estate investors.reitips

About the Author: JP Moses started his blog to share his passion in real estate investing. His aim is to skip through the unnecesary matters and give what is need.

Just Ask Ben Why

This site is beneficial if you want to go into real estate investing with the goal of creating a steady monthly cash flow of passive income, but don't justaskknow how to do it, Just ask Ben is the site to follow.

About the Author: After struggling from Multiple Sclerosis, Ben Leybovich gave up being a violinist and discovered real estate. He became an expert and creative at finance, specifically real estate investing.

How to Buy USA Real Estate

This site has a team of seaasoned investors who provide tips about investment opportunities based on evaluations of emerging markets. They help how to buybeginners get the best deals which yield the best profits.

About the Author: Larry Arth, Principal, shares his 30 years of experience in investment, construction, and real estate sales. He believes that approaches to investing must be adjust as years progress.

Jeff Adams Real Estate Investing Expert

This site will assist you on how to get the right start in real estate, this website can help you achieve your dreams. Learn real estate investment jeff adamssystems that work quickly!

About the Author: Jeff Adams has been in the real estate business for 16 years. He uses his blog to spread the knowledge that he has acquired as he takes a practical approach to helping his audience find financial freedom.

Michael Blank

This site will show you how to become a property investor, even if you don’t have money, good credit, or experience. This website has loads of free 2016-07-08_0315material to get you started in real estate property investing.

About the Author: Because of his experiences as an entrepreneur in different businesses, Michael Blank decided to share the knowledge and confidence he has gained through the years.

A Student of the Real Estate Game

This site shares tips on how to start a real estate career, the challenges of doing the first deal, and solid advice on passive real estate investing.student

About the Author: Aside from sharing his views on real estate careers, entrepreneurship, investing, and technology/innovation, Joe Stampone is also the VP of Investments for Atlas Real Estate Partners.

Learn Reinvesting

The site has a collection of real estate instructional tutorials and insights that covers all aspects of real estate. Get access to real estate investing learn reinvestingsoftware solutions solidified solidified from real-life experiences.

About the Author: James Kobzeff has more than thirty years of experience as a realtor specializing in real estate investment property. He continues to post articles on the web along with maintaining this site to help real estate investors and agents learn the nuances of real estate investment.

Mr. Hamilton 

The site is composed of a team of active, successful real estate investors who aim to coach readers and clients to have the same success, offering tried mr hamiltonand tested investing tactics

About the Author: Erwin Szeto has been investing in real estate since 2006 and is a highly decorated investor and Realtor. He left his corporate job to pursue his passion as an entrepreneur in investment real estate.

Real Data

This site has real estate investing tools to aid you in your financial journey, Real Data has products realdatadesigned by people who understand the real estate industry. Get real solutions for real-life business situations here.

About the Author: Frank Gallinelli started the company in 1981. Since that time new software products have been added almost ever year. He believes that specialized software can be of top quality and still be affordable.


This site provides a free platform offering tools to browse, compare and invest with private real estaterealcrowd companies. Choose from a variety of real estate investments and get the the newest deals and investing tips.

About the Authors: Founders Adam and Roman both actively play a role in Real Crowd. Adam leads the day-to-day charge of growing the platform and ensuring its position as the premier solution in the industry, while Roman is focused on building strong relationships with real estate operators and developers.

Realty Mogul

This site aims to simplify real estate investing by arming real estate entrepreneurs with a toolbox that realtymoguloffers access to a widerange of products at their fingertips.

About the Authors: Founders Jilliene Helman and Justin Hughes started the website as a platform for online, crowdfunding and capital markets. Investors and borrowers alike are given access to different opportunities and sources of capital.

I hope that after reading through this list of sites that you are able to find a few that can help you on your own real estate investing journey.  Yes, there's a lot to learn when it comes to any niche of investing in real estate; however, with the help of seasoned investors out there you too can start taking action and earning money to control your financial future.

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