Show153: Financing My First Property

Financing my first property

It’s the 3rd Day of Christmas! This is always one of the top issues. I hear it time and time again from my community of rookies.. “How do I finance my 1st property” What sucks about investing in rental property is that there is most definitely a high barrier to entry… 20% is a lot…

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Show152: Goal Setting for 2020

goal setting for 2020

It’s the 2nd Day of Christmas! With every new year comes the excitement of a fresh beginning… …a new start… …a new you. Right….many of us sit down and make audacious goals about what we want to accomplish in the new year. And trust me…Kirk and I are here for it! We LOVE sitting down…

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Show 151: Stop Worrying about Failing

Stop worrying about failing

It’s the 1st Day of Christmas…..Stop worrying about failing. If you’re anything like Kenny who recently said his obstacle is “worrying about the fear of failing” or like me who was scared to start because I lacked confidence and knowledge. Then you’re not alone. And sometimes it can be reassuring to know that others are…

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Show150: The 12 Days of Christmas- RentalRookie Edition

Yes, it’s true. I love this time of year. The holiday songs, decorations, lights, trees. I love the way our house feel all decorated and at night when only the lights of the tree and our decorations are lit. It’s cozy. So I thought it would be fun to end the year and prepare for…

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[LIVE Training] Understanding the Foundational Pieces of the Buying Journey


The journey to buying that first rental property is no doubt a bit scary. When you actually commit to stepping out of your comfort zone and seriously tackle the endeavor you can find yourself a bit lost and confused and overwhelmed. While there are a number of things that you need to be aware of…

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Show148: The Roadmap to Buying Your First Investment Property

investment property

When you’re just getting started with investing in real estate everyone goes through a period in their journey where they don’t know where or how to start. And let’s be honest…in today’s society many of us want to know the answer now. We hate having to go down the road of figuring it out and…

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147: Avoid these 7 common real estate investing mistakes

investing mistakes

When you’re just getting started with investing in real estate it’s easy to get caught up in the overwhelm of everything there is to know. You are learning everything on the fly and trying to put it into practice and it’s easy to let things slip through the cracks. We see it happen with new…

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Show146: Factor Based Investing for Real Estate

Factor Based Investing

When you are just getting started when it come to real estate investing there’s no doubt that it is overwhelming. You’re probably asking yourself questions like: where do I start?? how do I start?? What investment strategy should I use? Are the market conditions right for me to buy a property right now? And while…

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Show145: Should I worry about a real estate market crash and other investing questions.

real estate market crash

Well….if there’s an elephant in the room when it comes to talking about the market I think it’s this question that Tatiana (from our community) asked. Kirk and I jumped right in to talk about it. There’s no secret that right now all over the news there’s some talk about the market and what may…

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Show144: How capital expenditure can ruin potential deals

capital expenditure

When it comes to buying rental property as long term assets one of the most important things you need to pay attention to is the capital expenditures of a property. You’ll often hear people refer to things like Cap Ex. And really, what those are, are the big ticket items that you may eventually have…

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