Show136: Stop Using Your Kids as an Excuse for Not Taking Action…Take Them With You

Financial literacy for kids

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Include Your Kids...

Let's be real...

There are plenty of obstacles and fears that hold us back from getting started with investing in rentals.

The fear of losing money

The fear of what people will think of you...

The fear of getting a bad tenant...

The list can go on and on.

So when it comes to trying to find the time to schedule showings and meet agents and lenders etc, it's easy to say I can't because I don't have anyone to watch my kids.

This episode is a shout out mainly to parents about the fact that stop using your kids as an excuse as to why you can't take action and move forward toward your real estate goals.

The solution is simple...

Take your kids with you.

We've taken our kids to meetings with banks, looking at properties (even with no floors) closing tables and more.

You name it and they've been there right along with us.

And recently all of that paid off in a pretty cool way.

Recently our 5 year old started asking questions about why we buy property?

And how does property "give us money".

And it could have been really easy for us to say "honey you're too young to understand." and just blow her off.

But we decided to jump on the curiosity that she had and try and teach her through showing her just how it works.

So we sat her down and talked to her about how she could save some of her money and help us buy our next rental property.

And as a result each month she would get an envelope in the mail with money that would be hers.

Like any kids, she was ecstatic at the thought of earning money each month.

She totally jumped into the process, helped us look at properties online, and when we found the one she put her money in a plastic bag and put it in the freezer labeled.

The coolest thing was when it came to closing we had talked to her about how important it would be.

She went upstairs and got herself ready by wearing a dress, heels and tons of bows in her hair!

She went to closing, signed her name and now is a "Part-owner" in a property with us.

But the point of the story is this...

...take your kids.

They'll learn so much from watching you even if you don't realize that you are teaching them these valuable life and financial lessons.

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