Discover the Step-by-Step Process of Analyzing Rental Property for Cash Flow

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What You'll Learn:

  • Confused by all of the terms around rental property? You’ll learn all of the terms you need to know to go from rookie to veteran investor.  Learn the terms and see examples that help illustrate what each concept means.

  • Knowing how to run the numbers on a deal starts with knowing what numbers you actually need to know in order to run an analysis.  We’ll show you exactly what number you need and where to find them on a real estate listing so you quickly run numbers.

  • Understanding the concept of return on investment (ROI) is one of the most important elements of making smart financial decisions.  We’ll teach you what an ROI is and why you must learn to compare your cash flow to what money you invested in the property.

  • This is the holy grail of the challenge.  We will show you exactly how to run the numbers on a potential deal. We’ll take the numbers you found on the listing and put them into our property analyzer so that you can see exactly what type of cash flow you can expect to return on the deal.

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Emily Du Plessis- Founder of RentalRookie, Real Estate Investor

"It doesn't matter who you are when you get started. If you don't know understand your financial picture now, you're sure to make mistakes.  We want to help you understand where you are now and guide you on your own journey. 

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At the end of this challenge, you'll know an exact process of how to analyze a deal for cash flow.

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