Other Loan Products for House Hacking

(VA Loan & 203k Loan)

Lesson Description

One the great things about house hacking is that there are a variety of loan products available for buyers because of the fact that you'll be buying the property as an owner occupied buyer (meaning you'll liven the property).  Yes, it could ultimately mean a delayed entrance into the investing game; however, if this is the way that you can afford to get started it's a great option.

In this lesson we break down the VA loan (for military members) and the 203K loan product that can enable you to buy and renovate properties and it be paid for by the loan.  Both are other great options that are available and could be used if you find a fixer upper or have served our country in the military.

Lesson Objectives:

  • understand other loan products available when house hacking
  • see how the VA loan can be an option if you're a military member
  • learn how a 203k loan can enable you to acquire and renovate a property all paid for by the loan

Discussion and Questions