How to Grow Your Rental Portfolio with Systems and Teams

Who is this course for?

Lesson Description

Growing and scaling a rental portfolio is one of the biggest pain points that many investors, both seasoned and rookies, face.  The reality is that as you grow as an investor you will often hit growing pains that you will have to overcome.  Meaning that there are different levels of scaling depending on how big your rental portfolio is and what level you are trying to get to.

The first lesson of this course is really breaking down what you can expect to learn in this course and more importantly who this course is for.  We've made sure to break down the different scaling levels so that you can learn tips and strategies for exactly where you are in your investing journey.

Lesson Objectives:

  • Understand the biggest pain points investors face when trying to scale
  • Know whether this course is for you in your individual journey

Discussion and Questions