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Welcome to RentalRookie!  I am excited that you are visiting this site because that means you are interested in or have already taken the plunge into real estate investing.  Although it may feel overwhelming, investing in real estate is an extremely rewarding experience.

My husband, Kirk, and I began investing in real estate in 2009 with the purchase of our first primary residence which we recently turned into a rental when we moved.  With a finance background he was ready to jump right into investing.  However, like many novice investors I was nervous to take on managing tenants, let alone the  financial responsibility of owning multiple properties.  With a background in education, investing was a whole new world for me.  With the guidance of my husband, our realtor, and my own motivation to learn, I found that investing is not as intimidating as it had seemed.  Actually, you can find success without having a background in finance or real estate.  How do I know?  Because I found success with having no exposure to either field.

In 2012, we began buying pure rental properties and are currently active buy and hold investors building our rental portfolio through saving and reinvesting into new properties.

I'm not claiming to be a guru.  I'm just an everyday wife and mom who invests in real estate to have control over  my future. The goal of my website is to provide you, the rookie investor, with tips and tools so that you too can find success in investing. As a teacher, I place much value on education and I hope to share with you many aspects of investing in long term real estate to ensure your financial future.

When I'm not teaching, looking for new deals or sharing stories on our site, you'll find me spending time with my amazingly supportive husband and two daughters, Molly and Anna.

Kirk, Emily, Molly & Anna

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