Show141: How Bad Investments in Real Estate Can Ruin Your Marriage

Bad Investments

Even if you’re not married this podcast is for you.

Because think about it….

Anybody that you become a partner with when it comes to buying property is like a marriage.

YOu’re committed to each other and your joint venture.

So it’s important whether you are investing with your spouse or with another individual to really know the foundational pieces of real estate investing.

That way your relationship, whether a true marriage or an “investing marriage” doesn’t come crashing down.

This week on the podcast we share a story that we, or should I say Kirk, experienced first hand with a couple who got in a bad situation.

While Kirk went to help and offer advice or guidance on the situation it turned into a real awkward situation for him and a very sad outcome for this young couple.

Tune in to this week’s podcast as a reminder why it’s so important to not forget about some of the basics when it comes too investing.

Because it not only saves you money but your relationships as well.

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