Show143: Buy Rental Property with Partnerships

buy rental property

Buying rental property as a new real estate investor can be overwhelming, scary and flat out hard.

There are a number of obstacles that come into play when beginning to invest in real estate and one of the major ones is with how to find the money to buy properties.

A great investment strategy for both newbie investors and seasoned investors is using partnerships to acquire investment properties.

It can be a huge struggle when you are just starting out to save up thousands of dollars for a down payment.

That’s actually one of the tough parts about investing in rentals is the high down payment amount (usually 20%ish).

There’s a high barrier of entry.

But if you’re looking to invest long term to make great cash flow then finding others who have similar goals shouldn’t be too difficult.

The cool thing about partnerships is that there are a variety of ways that partner structures can come together. 

There’s no one way to partner. 

Depending on the need you have can help determine what type of partner you can look to team up with.

It could be another brand new investor, family member, friend, colleague or even another property owner.

This week on the podcast, we are sharing a behind the scenes look into one of our video lessons from our Financing Avenues for Buy & Hold Investors all about partnerships.

This is critical for newbie investors because many rookie investors run into obstacles with funding their first deals.

This is a great option for rookies who want to start and need some help and creativity with financing.

Because purchasing a rental property doesn’t have to be a scary thing.

In this lesson, we explain what a partnership actually is, why it can be a great option for any investor and we share actual example structures of partnerships to help get you thinking about how you can use this strategy in your own journey.

Lesson Objectives:

  • learn how partnerships can be a viable option for investors
  • see examples of partnership structures (with monthly profit splits/property management) that you can use in your own investing
  • learn where to find potential partners

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