Show140: How to Find Great Deals when Buying an Investment Property

buying an investment property

I get this question numerous times a week from members of our community. It’s definitely one of the things that many newbies want to know.

You’re nervous and scared and want to know exactly how to find those great deals.

The reality is finding a great deal is a process.

It’s not something that you’re going to learn overnight.

It takes time, once you determine the market you want to invest in, you’ve got to put in the work to learning everything you can about what properties are selling for, listing for and renting for.

You’ve also got to know your goals and path as an investor. This will give you the guidelines to help you determine if a deal is a great deal within your search parameters and goals.

Sneak Peek on Buying an Investment Property

I decided that this summer I would give y’all a sneak peek into some of our courses that we have here at RentalRookie.

And on this week’s podcast I want to share the actual lesson from one of our lessons inside our ZerotoProperty Course.

I share not only how finding great travel deals relates to finding great deals for investing.

I also share some quick tips to use when it comes to finding deals in your market such as analyzing recently sold vs. listed properties and calling local landlords to get accurate information on what they list their properties for and how long it takes them to rent them.

So enjoy getting a sneak peek inside what our course looks like and my teaching style to see if it’s a good fit for you!

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