Show 151: Stop Worrying about Failing

Stop worrying about failing

It’s the 1st Day of Christmas…..Stop worrying about failing.

If you’re anything like Kenny who recently said his obstacle is “worrying about the fear of failing”

or like me

who was scared to start because I lacked confidence and knowledge.

Then you’re not alone.

And sometimes it can be reassuring to know that others are feeling the exact same way you are in your journey right now.

Getting started with rental property is not easy and is very intimidating as a rookie investor.

You’ve probably thought to yourself…

“I’m not smart enough to do this”

“I don’t have the money to be doing this”

“What are people going to think when they hear we are doing this”

“I don’t know anyone else who does this…what will my family say”

“What if we buy a bad property and lose money”

“What if the market turns and we bought at the top of the market”

Give me a ‘hell yeah’ if you’ve said any of these things….thought any of these things…or felt any of these things.

You are not alone!

But as Warren Buffet has said “risk comes from not knowing what you are doing”

The good thing about all of those limiting beliefs that we all feel is that we can overcome them by simply realizing 2 things.

  1. There are people who have gone and done this before you who are here to teach you what they’ve learned, the mistakes they’ve made and how to find success.

Investing in rental property is controllable. You have a lot of control over the outcome of the endeavor.

So if you put the time in to learning and gaining the knowledge the risk factors go down dramatically because you will know what you’re doing.

Lean on those who have been there!

Find a mentor to learn from.

Find a friend to learn together.

2. People don’t think about you.

This might be harsh but I feel like in a lot of podcasts and books I’ve been reading lately this is a common statement that keeps coming up.

So I will pass it on to you because it hit me like a ton of bricks when I read it.

All the time I spend worrying about what my family will think or what our friends of parents of our children’s friends will think…..

No one cares.

Everyone cares about themselves.

Most people are not spending any extra energy thinking about you and what you are doing.


We are all busy and tired and going 100 miles per minute.

We are so focused on ourselves and what we are doing there isn’t much time to sit and think about what Sally’s parents from Jamie’s school are thinking about you.

Forget about others.

Focus on you, your family and the goals that you want to achieve.

If you believe so deeply in what your mission is together and what you want to achieve you can’t take time letting the fear of failing or the fear of what other people think stand in your way.

So commit….right now and as we begin a new year…..

Commit to your goals and your mission because this is your life.

Are you going to stand up and fight for your life?

You only get one chance!