Show138: Finding the Right First Deal with Newbie Investors Grant & Sheila

First Deal

This is a can’t miss episode if you’ve been wanting to invest in rentals but are a newbie and are nervous about taking the plunge.

Grant and Sheila were right there with you in wanting to make this a reality but facing many of the fears that we all face when we are getting started.

Not to mention they have 3 daughters, run a business and Sheila homeschools the children.

So they are busy!

But they didn’t let that stop them in their goal of pursuing and buying rental property.

Their story is one that is so inspiring especially because they took quite a U-turn from where they actually thought they were going to buy and the type of property they were going to buy.

They started going down one road and were open to trying another type of property and area that aligned more with their expectations of what they wanted out of investing.

Tune in to this week’s show to get inspired, find direction and learn about an area of investing that we haven’t talked that much about here on the podcast (short term rentals)

If you want to check out Grant and Sheila’s gorgeous Nashville Rental click here to check it out!

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