Show152: Goal Setting for 2020

goal setting for 2020

It’s the 2nd Day of Christmas!

With every new year comes the excitement of a fresh beginning…

…a new start…

…a new you.

Right….many of us sit down and make audacious goals about what we want to accomplish in the new year.

And trust me…Kirk and I are here for it!

We LOVE sitting down and talking about what we want to accomplish in the new year

and looking back on what we accomplished the previous year.

We actually used to get made fun of by much of our family for not just setting goals but creating action steps that actually helped us reach our goals!

My mom will still joke to me on the phone about her action steps for the day when she’s trying to tackle cleaning her house!

But anyways…the truth is there is a lot of power in fresh starts and goal setting.

At the same time, it becomes pretty easy to lose sight of those goals 30-60-90 days into the new year.

You know what I mean.

For anyone who is a gym rat throughout the entire year (this is me) you know how frustrating it is to walk into the gym on Jan 1 and in fact most of the month of January to find the equipment that usually is empty you now have to wait in line to use…

Yep….and while it’s sooo frustrating for the regulars usually by mid February it all goes back to the typical regulars who are always there day in and day out.

But this is what happens.

Yes, you need to create long term goals for the year.

But you need to create shorter, more measurable goals (action steps, sprints) that you can use to keep you on track toward actually reaching your goals.

Otherwise….hello empty elliptical.

In applying this to your real estate investing journey you need to give yourself timelines for what you want to achieve.

Kick off 2020 with the goal of buying that 1st rental property or saving a certain amount of money for a down payment.

And create monthly and bi-weekly check ins that you can use to keep yourself on track.

To help with this I’ve included a 3 month goal calendar that you can print out and use so that you don’t lose sight of buying that 1st rental property in 2020.

Click here to download it now!

So set some goals, create some measurable action steps and start building momentum to a great 2020.