Show129: It’s Not All About the Money (from the vault)


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Believe it or not it sometimes is not always about the money.

While that seems hard to understand because as investors we plunge into real estate investing in an effort to make more money and build wealth.

But what we've learned in our time as investors is that while money plays a huge part in the acquisition of property (both in paying for the deals and the money they generate) there are some things that just aren't worth any type of return.

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In this week's podcast episode, we have done something new.

We've taken one of our very early episodes, Show12, and brought it out from the vault because we have found that we reference this episode so much that it would be good for our new listeners to hear.

The reality is the first shows that come out with a new podcast often don't get listened to a few years down the road because new listeners tend to listen to new shows and the most recent ones.

Yet, we have a lot of great information in those first handful of shows.

So, in this episode we  discuss the pieces of the investing puzzle that come into play beyond the ROI.

While, we break down what an ROI is and why it is important, we also share what other things can come into play when deciding whether a property is the right fit for us.

Join us, as we share a personal story about how they turned away a deal that would have yielded them an 80% ROI.

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