[LIVE Training] Understanding the Foundational Pieces of the Buying Journey


The journey to buying that first rental property is no doubt a bit scary.

When you actually commit to stepping out of your comfort zone and seriously tackle the endeavor you can find yourself a bit lost and confused and overwhelmed.

While there are a number of things that you need to be aware of and learn about the journey to that first rental property (which we cover in our Rental Property Roadmap) there are foundational pieces of the process that are a bit more critical than others.

I’m not discounting any part of the process here; however, I want to draw your attention to the areas that I have found are the ones where you need to spend extra time understanding so that you can set yourself up for major success.

In this LIVE training that I recently hosted I break down those four pillars and talk about how they impact your journey.

We talk about #1 MINDSET and how your view and understanding of wealth has been shaped since you were a kid.

And how if you associate negative things with money and wealth you are ultimately self-sabotaging yourself from finding it.

Wondering why you haven’t bought that property yet…..there’s one answer!

Next, we move into talking about #2 Financing because 8 out 10 newbie investors have this as an obstacle they have to overcome to buying that 1st property.

So we break down two strategies that are great ways for newbie investors, who don’t have a ton of cash, to use so they can make that a reality.

#3 Understanding Your Market...this is my favorite and to me the most important piece of the puzzle.

This is where confidence is built and knowledge is truly mastered.

When you know your market you know how to spot good deals which ultimately makes a force in the investing world.

Lastly, I touch on #4 Analyzing Deals the next most important piece of the puzzle. As this is where you know before you every buy a property whether it will make you money.

That’s what’s awesome about real estate.

You can know before you buy the deal that it will cash flow you so much each month.

But you have to know how to run the numbers and what your ROI goal is.

So we cover A LOT in this training to help you continue kicking over dominos on your journey.

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