Show139: HELOC vs. Refinance , Common Mistakes for Newbies and Other Real Estate Investing Tips

real estate investing tips

We’ve had a ton of really great questions asked about the investing process recently.

The reality is when there are great questions there are often others who have the same one.

In this podcast episode, we break down some of our most recently asked questions from our RentalRookie Community Members.

Real Estate Investing Tips

Some of the questions we answer in the show are:

What are some of common mistakes for newbies?

It’s easy to make a lot of mistakes when you’re just getting started but we share 2 of the biggest ones: not verifying and running numbers correctly and not having and keeping reserves.

Should I do a refinance or a HELOC?

This really depends your situation and what sort of equity you have in your current property and also what the rate is. We break down why in some cases one may be better than the other.

How to understand if the rent will cover the mortgage and expenses?

This really comes down to knowing what numbers you need to have in order to run a proper property analysis. In most cases, you should be able to have true numbers and know exactly whether the property’s rent will cover your expense/mortgage and cash flow BEFORE you buy the property.

These are juts a few of the questions we unpack on this episode. Tune in to hear more answers to common investing questions.

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