Show123: Doubling Your Profit with Short Term Rentals with Pedro Obregon

Doubling Your Profits with Short Term Rentals

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Turning Long Term Rentals into Short Term Rentals

It's hard to imagine what life was like before you could easily hop on the internet and book a condo or house rather than a hotel room while going on vacation.

While in the last few years, the rise of popularity for AirBnB and the like has become a way of life for travelers, for those who are on the investing side of the spectrum...this really can be a new strategy for building your rental portfolio and maximizing the profits that one property can actually earn.

This week's show welcomes Pedro Obregon, a real estate investor from Florida who is using the strategy of buying smaller multi-family properties (5-7 units) that were originally long term rentals and transforming them into short term rental properties where he can rent them out on a weekly basis in order to sometimes more than double his profits.

His strategy is an ever growing one in popularity, but definitely comes with important things to consider when dealing in the STR space.  Things like turnover with tenants each week, financing options for these commercial properties, restrictions for zoning and more.

He shares with us how he got into investing, specifically with STR, and things we should consider if we are planning to try to add this type of property to a rental portfolio.


Contact Pedro via email:

In the show we discuss:
  • Residential vs. commercial financing
  • How he handles the property management side
  • Why he takes these properties from long term rentals to short term rentals
  • How he profits 2.5X using the short term strategy vs LTR
  • Why you have to check the zoning restrictions before you plan to rent out an AirBnB
  • and more...

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