Show091: Analyzing a Deal: The Real Numbers Behind a Current Deal We’re Analyzing

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The importance of letting the numbers decide

When it comes to investing in rental property, there has to be a mindset shift.  While one is going through the act of buying a property; it is a very different experience than buying a home you're going to live in.  They way you look at the property, the questions you ask and the way you run the numbers all differs and it is imperative you understand the thought process that goes into buying and analyzing a potential deal so that you don't make a bad mistake or overlook an important detail.

With that said, this week's podcast episode is all about allowing you a glimpse into the conversations, questions and mindset of Kirk and me as we break down a current deal we are looking at.  We find it really important to share these candid conversations with our community because these are discussions that can't be taught in a course.  You have to experience these conversations, listen to them and take the nuggets of information that can help you in your own investing journey.

We felt this deal was interesting to share because it can show you the importance of going out of your comfort zone, as this deal is definitely out of our investing comfort zone. But without viewing these properties and having these conversations with current owners, how are we to grow as investors.


 In the show we discuss:

=>why you must have a pulse on what's happening in the market you want to invest in

=>how we found the property

=>why we chose to go and look at it

=> the real numbers behind the deal (income, expenses, etc.)

=>why, for this work, we'd have to cut the price in half to make money

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