Show102: 10 Important Things to Learn When Investing in Rental Property

10 Things to Learn when Investing in rental property

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10 Things You Need to Consider

When it comes to all of the things that you need to learn when getting started with investing in rental property, I'd be lying if it didn't feel like a fire hose being sprayed in your face!  There really are so many moving parts and it's important that you take the time to understand the different parts and how they all work together.

The reality is the more knowledgeable you are...the better investor you'll be.  Not only will you be more confident in your decisions, but you'll invest in better properties and hopefully make less mistakes.  I mean that's really one of our main missions here at RentalRookie is to share with you what has worked and what hasn't so hopefully in your own journey we can help you avoid some mistakes we've made or almost made.

One major thing that I've learned in our own journey is that there's a bit of heavy lifting up front.  What do I mean? When you're just getting started there's a ton to learn.  You'll truly have to commit to learning and making some decisions.  But once you've set your goals and learned the market you want to invest in...the process really is simple.  You put into place a way to find deals and you watch for good ones to come up.

Then take action.  And it's a rinse and repeat system.   So while it may be overwhelming at first, know that it is not so much of a burden once you get over that hump.

This week's show is a bit different. I"m actually bringing you the audio of one of our recent LIVE trainings that we've been having in our Private Facebook Group.  Each week I've been jumping in and doing a live training on various topics related to rental property.


 In the show we discuss:

=>determining property types

=>the importance of knowing property taxes

=>why you need to learn about local ordinances

=>protecting yourself by knowing your state landlord laws

=> and more...

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