Show103: Mistakes to Avoid When Tenant Screening with Eric and Steve

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Mistakes to Avoid with Tenant Screening

Whether you own property already or you're looking to get into buying rental property, many people fear the dreaded stories that surround being a landlord.  The "my tenant called me at 2 AM with a clogged toilet" story that inevitably many of us here when it comes to landlording.

And those stories often hold interested investors back from actually buying rentals.

But what's often left out from those stories is the back story of how that tenant got there in the first place.  What processes and systems were in place to ensure that the best potential tenants actually got the apartments.  And while most won't want to admit that maybe they didn't have the best tenant screening process in place...that's typically what leads to the "bad tenants" we often hear about.

No don't get me can have a solid tenant screening process and bad apples can squeak through.  That's inevitable.  But the truth is when you have a process in place that helps you sort through your applicants to find the best possible one... most cases you can end up with really great tenants who respect and take care of your property.

And that's what it comes down to for a lot of us.  We put a lot of our money and livelihood into buying these properties and there's nothing worse than finding a tenant who destroys your hard earned asset.

In this week's show, Eric and Steve (from share with us some mistakes to avoid when it comes tenant screening.  They share what they are seeing week in and week out from their community of landlords and what tips we can use to make our systems better.

 In the show we discuss:

=>why you can't be a "do everything landlord"

=>the importance of knowing your state's landlord laws

=>why you should be pre-screening your tenants

=>how important having a system in place can be to your success as a landlord

=> and more...

Links Mentioned in the Show