Show111: Paying Off Debt & Getting Started with Investment Properties with Ryan Ohri

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Law Enforcement Officer Turned Investor

It's always inspiring to hear what other newbie investors are out there doing on their own investing journey and how they've managed to overcome those initial obstacles that hold us all back when we get started.

In this episode, Kirk and I bring on Freedom Check Club member, Ryan Ohri.  He is a Law Enforcement officer in Nebraska who always had a knack and interest in finance and investing.  While his day (and sometimes night) job keep him very busy, he's managed to begin his investing journey and by surrounding himself with like minded individuals grow to 3 properties in less than two years.

If one thing is for sure Ryan and his wife, Kristen, followed the slow and steady wins the race mindset. They started by paying off all of their debt, educating themselves on all things investing and rental property and then after spending months and months doing this, were able to set themselves up to buy that first property.

All in all, Ryan shares a lot about investing, financing, tips for newbies that he's learned along the way so far and above all else inspiration for others to get out there and take action.

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 In the show we discuss:

=>why Ryan is so interested in finance and investing

=>the importance of time freedom when raising a family

=>how he structured his first deal using some creative strategies

=>tips for newbie investors

=> and more...

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