Show113: Who brings the risk to investing in rental property?

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Investing Myths vs. Truths

When it comes to the topic of investing, it's hard not to see the word risk not too far from the conversation.  We talk about risky investments and risk protection, diversifying risk and lowering risk.  It's hard to not see those two words working simultaneously together.

Yet...what if we thought about risk in a new way.

I've recently been re-reading Gary Kellar's book The Millionaire Real Estate Investor, and he has a whole section where he breaks down myths around investing in rental property and combats those myths with truths.  In particular he speaks about investing being risky.  While we all believe that investing in rentals do have some sort of risk, he poses the argument that the real risk is what we, as investors, bring to the table.

In this episode, Kirk and I talk about this tweak in mindset and how valid it can be when it comes to investing in rental property because as the investor you do have so much control. Not only do you have control but there are so many knowns that it actually should be harder to make a bad deal than a good deal.

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 In the show we discuss:

=>why risk, in real estate, is brought on by the investor

=>why you need to do your due diligence and learn the 'knowns' that are out there for a property

=>how slacking and not verifying information will lead to bad deals

=> and more...

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