Show120: The Ugly Truth About Scaling with Rental Property

The Ugly truth about scaling with rental property

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The Ugly Truth About Scaling?

It's true....when it comes to scaling your business as an investor landlord, while financially it can be a profitable and strategic business decision, there are some uglies that can come along with it.  Anytime you are growing whether it be personal, financial, academic, etc.  there are changes that have to be made and tweaks to current systems.

In this episode, Kirk and I talk about those 'ugly truths' from our own experience of scaling from those first initial properties to 15 units. While we know that this is a hot topic within our community and many newbie investors want to get past those initial first properties, it can indeed be a challenge.  Time and money can become external obstacles, yet again, for the early investor.

We talk about the importance of time and accounting for management fees early on in your analysis so when the time comes you can pass on those properties to others to manage and still be making good cash flow.  We also talk about the importance of systems and process and why eventually you may have to build a team.

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 In the show we discuss:

=>the financial hurdle of buying property after you've already put money into properties

=>strategies to use to finance those next properties

=>how you need to account for management fees early so you can indeed pass off profitable properties later

=>the need for systems and processes the bigger you grow

=> and more...

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