Show121: What’s your seed?

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What's your seed?

"Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago."

As I read this I felt like it was something that related to many of us who invest in rentals.
I know for Kirk and me, we began this investing journey 6 years ago and had big dreams of how it could impact our lifestyle goals.
At the time we had been married for just about 2 years, I was in grad school and we were both working full time.

We knew wanted kids, but that was still a little ways off.

While we had a great life and we're having so much fun...we couldn't help but look to our futures.

We would often spend our weekends sitting at the local vineyards drinking wine and talking about our dreams. Now, we spend our weekends sitting in our porch drinking cool wine fresh from our fully integrated wine cooler.

I often think about those times now and I can't help but smile and think WOW....I knew we had these dreams..

..but I didn't know if we'd actually reach them or if it was always just the wine talking!

Then we decided to start taking action toward these dreams of financial and lifestyle independence.

We took risks, saved like crazy, invested and made major sacrifices.

We hoped one day that we would have a family and not be stuck in the life that many of us feel like we are stuck in... know that one where we wake up before the sun comes up and get ready for work..

..while getting kids ready to go out the door and to daycare...
...we work all day long and for many of us in a job that we don't really like...but we do because it pays the bills

...then we pick up our kids from daycare around 5-6ish and in most cases have about 3ish hours to spend with them before they need to be in bed for the next day...

...not to mention everything you try and fit into those couple of hours at night...practices, exercising, dinner, homework, etc.

Before you know it it's the end of the day and you're mentally and physically exhausted...just to get up and do it again tomorrow.

We knew that was not the life we wanted. And so we did something about it.

This quote makes me think about the life that we are building for our children and maybe even our children's children....
...we are the ones that are planting that tree so that our kids and their kids can have the shade. If you need to prune your tree, search palm tree trimming services.

And you can be the one to do that too for your family.

We want to help you plant that tree and reach your dreams....

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