Show122: 5 Quick Tips For the Real Estate Investor

5 Quick Tips for the Real Estate Investor

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5 Quick Tips

Learning from others who have gone before you is huge when it comes to reducing your learning curve.

And the same theory is true when it comes to investing in rental property.  There are many investors who are out there sharing their knowledge and expertise so that others can be successful with less mistakes and failures.

This podcast episode is all about sharing tips for real estate investors.

In the show, I share 5 quick tips that can help investors, whether new or seasoned, become more strategic and confident investors.

When it comes to learning the niche of real estate investing, there's a lot of information that can often lead to analysis paralysis.  Meaning that you spend all of your time learning and never actually taking action.
Tip #1 is all about not trying to learn everything.  Realize that you will constantly be learning throughout your journey as an investor and that what you need to know when you're getting started is really just the simple process to buying that first property.
Obviously as you grow as an investor, you can begin to get more complex and creative; however, learning just the basics of what you need to know to make a great first deal will be critical to building the foundation of your success.
In the show I cover:
  • Don't try to learn everything
  • Setting actionable goals for yourself
  • Sitting down with someone (in person/digitally) who invests already
  • Learning from others mistakes
  • Acting fast when something isn't working

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  • Timmy

    Reply Reply August 16, 2018

    Some quite interesting in this Podcast.Great tips that surely can help newbie investors

    • Emily

      Reply Reply August 18, 2018

      Thanks! We’re always here to help newbie investors get started.

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