Show130: Getting Pre-Approval Letters, Growing Without Depleting Your Savings and Other Questions

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Believe it or not, we are into another new year.

As quickly as 2018 came and went we are starting into a new year of new goals and huge plans of what we want the year to look like, what goals we want to crush along the way.

Instead of kicking off the year talking about our goals we wanted to kick off the year answering your questions

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We get tons of questions inside our Private Facebook Group and wanted to take some time to answer some recent questions that were asked.

In this week's podcast episode, we break down why you need to get a pre-approval for each property and each offer that you make.

We discuss making offers without real estate agents and why it could be beneficial as a buyer to use an agent as it costs nothing out of your pocket.

A huge fear that a lot of newbie investors have when it comes to scaling is how to grow your portfolio without blowing all of your cash.

We break down how this is similar to the fitness New Years resolution that so many make and the idea of going to the gym to lose weight is like growing your portfolio.

Tune in to hear these questions and more answered from our own experiences in growing our rental portfolio and networking with other investors.

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