Show131: How Our Rental Income Replaced my Salary as a Teacher

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As we move forward and look ahead in setting our goals for 2019, we can't help but take some to reflect on the year prior.

If you've been in our community long enough you know Kirk and I love the beginning of a new year and goal setting for what big things we want to accomplish in the new year.

In the past on the show we've always had a show at the beginning of the year that broke down our goals for the new year.

However, this year we decided to share with you the actual numbers behind our rental portfolio.

Yes, what we actually made in profits from our rentals.


Not only do we give you the number we made last year, but we break down our properties and talk about which ones were the winners and losers.

And in spending some time looking at the spreadsheets and numbers from last year, it's allowed us to realign our thinking for what we may want to go after this year in our investing.

It's easy to briefly look at the profits and losses from the year before and gloss over what actually goes on in your investing business.

However, taking time to really look at what your properties are doing for you and it may make sense to shift your focus can only help you grow your portfolio the smart way.

Tune in to hear our candid conversation about 2018 and what we plan to focus on in the new year.

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