Show017: 6 Ways to Finance Your Next Rental- #4 Requires No Money Down

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Are you looking to use financing to buy a property?  Show 17 is focused on teaching you about the various loan products that are available for those of you out there who want to use financing to purchase a rental.  Whether you are 'house hacking' your way to your first rental or buying a pure rental property, Kirk and Emily share 6 different loan products for you to think about.

As a loan officer, Kirk helps debunk some myths that surround some of the government logan programs and highlight some information that can often be confusing for consumers.  Not only that, he shares insight from what topics typically confuse his clients to help you better understand the loan products and how they can help you build your rental portfolio.


What You'll Learn...

  • FHA loan (down payment requirements, interest rates, mortgage insurance, etc.)
  • Conventional Loan (used for both investors and personal property owners)
  • 203k Loan (can be used to fund both a purchase and rehab of a property)
  • VA Loan (a product for those involved with the military to buy properties with 0% down)
  • Portfolio Lending (an option for buyers who may run into issues with guidelines in qualifying)
  • VHDA (Local loan program that offers buyers 0% down loans)
  • DC Open Doors (program that gifts 5% of the purchase price to buyers as long as they occupy the property for 5 years)

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