Show018: The Quickest Way to Grow Your Rental Portfolio (and avoid capital gains tax)

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Tune in to the Take 10 show that focuses on sharing with you a tool for your real estate investing toolbox.  Learn about the 1031 Exchange and how it can allow you to roll your gains from the sale of a business or investment property into another 'like or similar' property without paying capital gains tax on the sale.  Because this is seen as an exchange you can defer paying the capital gains tax until you eventually cash out in the future.

Whether you have a property that you are ready to sell now and already have a new one in mind or you're still in the hunt for the right property, 1031 might just be for you. Learn more about the 1031 exchange and the different ways this tool can work for you.



What You'll Learn...

  • What is the 1031 Exchange
  • Where does it get its name
  • How to qualify for the 1031 Exchange
  • The 1031 Exchange Tax Deferred option
  • Exchanges must be made between 'similar properties'
  • Who can NOT qualify for a 1031 exchange

Resources Mentioned In The Show...


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