Show019: Two Months. Two Properties. No Debt

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Join Emily on Show 19 with special Julie Kern.  Julie and her husband are new buy and hold investors from Georgia.  Julie shares her story of how they paid off all of their debt, saved their money, and bought two properties within two months in cash. Her story is one that can resonate with people just getting started as she shares what strategies they used to jumpstart their investing journey.

Not only does she share how they acquired these two properties, but they bought them as distressed properties meaning they had to also handle renovations and managing contractors.  In a matter of a few months they owned two properties free and clear, were working on renovations and began working with property management to get tenants.  Her story is inspirational and can show you that anyone, with the right mindset and determination, can succeed with investing in buy and hold properties.


What You'll Learn...

  • How Julie and her husband saved up to pay off their home
  • What book helped to inspire Julie and her husband that this journey is possible
  • How Julie and her husband found, acquired and renovated their properties
  • Why they chose to use a property management company
  • The importance of finding other professionals to be part of your team
  • How they plan to continue growing their rental portfolio

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