Show 020: Analyzing a Potential Property-What To Think About Before You Commit

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Don't know where to start when you are going to analyze a property?  Join Emily and Kirk, husband and wife investing team, as they talk candidly about a current property that they are contemplating buying.  They share everything from the numbers of the property, to the pros and cons of investing in this multi-family.  As investors who own property in the Northern VA area, they are looking to invest in rural western PA and share what new realities are making them nervous about moving forward.  They also share tips for viewing properties with tenants currently in them and being there when you are viewing the property.  Kirk's tip will get you great, realistic information about the property.




While wanting to tap into the multi-family property market, Emily and Kirk discuss the struggles they have with looking to invest in a brand new area that is very different from the areas their other properties.  Tune in to walk through the analysis property with them and weigh in on what you think they should do!



What You'll Learn...

  • Why to become a student of the market
  • The actual numbers they are using to analyze the property
    • Sale price, down payment, interest rate, property taxes, insurance, utilities, etc.
  • The questions you should ask yourself or your investing partner
  • What to look for in a new area you are looking to invest in
  • The ROI of this potential deal
  • What are struggles are with moving forward with this deal

Resources Mentioned In The Show...


Want To Learn More About Analyzing Properties?

Click here to access our free video tutorial on how to analyze properties. We'll show you how to calculate the ROI on potential property, conduct rental comparable analysis and how to run the numbers on a deal to ensure it aligns to your goals.  Get started now.

What do you think of the current property we are analyzing?  Share you thoughts, questions and/or advice in the comments below.

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