Show022: 8 Things to Do to Prepare for a Tax Auction

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Tune in to show 22 and join Emily and Kirk as they share how they are preparing for their first tax auction.  As real estate investors, they have bought all of their rental units with traditional financing and are looking to make their first cash purchase in the upcoming weeks.

This show focuses on the steps Emily and Kirk are taking to prepare, research and create an action plan for when they attend the auction.  Even more, they are looking for tips and advice from anyone who has experience with auctions.  Leave a comment below with advice or tips we should consider before taking the plunge at the auction.

In other news with RentalRookie, Emily shares that there will be some changes coming to the website in the coming months that will allow easier navigation around the site and tons of new videos and downloads.

Emily also shares an update on the duplex that she and Kirk discussed on Show 20.

What You'll Learn...

Find out about the tax sale

Get the List of Properties for Sale

Choose specific areas to invest in

Drive by potential properties

Research properties that you're seriously interested in purchasing

Get funds in order & set a budget

Complete necessary paperwork and applications

Get to the auction early

Resources Mentioned In The Show...

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Show012: Why We Walked Away From a Deal that Yielded an 80% ROI
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