Show023: JUST CLOSED- The 3 Numbers That Turned Out Different Than Expected

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Get excited about show 23!  Why? Emily and Kirk share, in real time, the actual numbers of the duplex they just closed on hours before recording this podcast.  In Show 20, Emily and Kirk share their concerns about investing in a new market and in a new type of property, a multi-unit.  Their candid conversation on the show helped them to come to the conclusion that they wanted to move forward with an offer on this property.

So, a little over a month ago they made an offer on their first duplex. With a counter from the sellers, they settled at a sales price of $73,500, just over their goal price. In today's show, they talk about what the real numbers look like after closing and are pretty excited about the fact that the numbers were fairly close to the analysis they ran for you before.

Tune in not only to hear real numbers on real properties, but also to get some tips on what to do when there are surprises during the buying process and how important it is to build a team of people you trust.

Please share a comment or question you have below in the comments section about this process! 

What You'll Learn...

The numbers from the original analysis (from Show 20)

Real numbers, taken straight from the HUD from closing

How to deal with surprises during the buying process

Why you should get authorization to show a property to potential tenants before you close

Get to the auction early

Resources Mentioned In The Show...

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