Show024: Lessons From Our 1st Real Estate Tax Auction

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In Show 23 Kirk and Emily talk about the tax auction that they were preparing to attend after their recent duplex purchase. Show 24 is focused on them sharing their experience at the first auction and what lessons they've learned as a result of this experience.

Having never attended a real estate auction before, they were absolute rookies.  The speed at which the auction moved was very fast having made their financial discussions prior to the sale beneficial.  Kirk and Emily share some of the lessons they've learned and hope to pass along to you before you attend your first auction.

While they came out of this one without any properties, they're excited about the upcoming auction in a few months and what opportunity may be ahead for them.

Please share a comment or question you have below in the comments section about your experience in a real estate auction.

What You'll Learn...

The properties that we went ready to purchase

How and why we had discussions ahead of time about money

Why scoping out the property ahead of time was beneficial

The pitfalls of being too narrow minded on particular properties in our "comfort zone"

How real estate auctions are a good place to create meet up groups

Resources Mentioned In The Show...

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