Show27: The Single Most Important Factor In Your Success

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Show 27 features Nicole Williamson a real estate investor from Maryland.  She shares with listeners tons of great information from her own investing experiences.  As an investor who balances a full time job, she has tips for balancing full time jobs and buying and managing rental properties.  Nicole helps to show us all that we can invest if we put our mind to it.

As someone who openly says she did a ton of reading and research before she started investing, her biggest piece of advice for newbie investors is to take action.  You can spend tons of days, weeks, months and years researching, but at the end of the day you eventually have to take action to either succeed or make a mistake.  The best part about making a mistake is that you will learn from it and not do it again. As a result,it is the most simple step to enable you to find success.

In addition to sharing a variety of great tips for investors, Nicole reinforces the idea of surrounding yourself with like minded individuals.  Attending REIA meet ups or local investing groups to find others who are doing what you want to do is a huge step in the right direction. She even got her first deal because she attended an event and told people what she wanted to do.  The opportunities are endless when you commit to doing this and take action.

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What You'll Learn...

Why attending local REIA meet ups are worth your time

How to balance a full time job and managing rental properties

They key to a good relationship with contractors

Why to diversify your rental portfolio to other town/cities

Open Houses vs. Showings for rental properties

Resources Mentioned In The Show... (Nicole's Website)

NewPage LLC Facebook Page 

REIA Meet Ups

Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

Real Estate Investing Loopholes by Diane Kennedy

Cash Flow Calculator

Google Voice

Maryland Laws

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