Show028: Are All Investments Created Equal? Why You Need to Think Strategically About Your Money

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Tune in to Show 28 for a lively conversation between Kirk and Emily in relation to investing.  While they tend to focus on investing in buy and hold properties specifically on this show, they decided to put a different spin on this particular show.  As two people who take personal finance very seriously they share their experiences with investing and particularly other ways to invest your money.

While Emily tends to be the lead host of the show, Kirk takes the lead as the one with the finance background to help Emily and listeners think broadly about personal finance.  He stresses the importance of having the 'tough' conversations about personal finance with spouses or business partners to ensure that you are in control of your money.

Not only that, but they talk about other places that they invest their money besides rental property.  The importance of diversifying their investments is important to them and they hope to share that with listeners to help you take control of your own financial future.

We'd love to hear about other investing vehicles that you are investing in that yield a nice return.  Leave a comment and let us know where else to invest our money!

What You'll Learn...

What is comparative investing

Why is it important to have a 'line in the sand' when it comes to investing

How important it is to determine what your time is worth

Other investing vehicles- besides real estate- where you can invest your money and find a good return

Resources Mentioned In The Show...

RentalRookie (redesigned membership site sign up)

Lending Club


Bettermint (automated investing for the stock market)


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