Show034: Streamline The Process of Obtaining Properties With Defined Partner Roles

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Emily and Kirk are excited to share with listeners how they manage their business as investing partners.  While they are married, they each have defined roles from finding to closing and managing the properties.

They share why it is important to determine each partner's strength and to create  a system that makes finding, buying and managing rentals streamlined and easy.  While it can be difficult to give up some control of the process to a partner, it can create an efficient well oiled investing machine.

Emily and Kirk walk you through their entire process of finding to managing their rentals and who takes care of what along the way.

We'd love to hear your thoughts on this topic and its impact on housing markets.  Leave a comment below.

What You'll Learn...

The importance of defining roles in a partnership


Why you should figure out each partner's strengths and expertise

The roles that Emily and Kirk each have in their business

Resources Mentioned In The Show...

Property Analyzer

Online Rental Applications

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