Show038: Building a Rental Portfolio Worth Over 1.35 Million Dollars By Recycling Capital with Ashley Wishinski

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In Show 38, we invite Ashley Wishinski on to the podcast to share her experiences in investing and building a portfolio of over 1.35 million dollars.  Using only 35k of their own money, she and her husband use strategies to snowball their portfolio to continue to grow it.

As a mom of twins and an investing partner with her spouse, she shares some insight into finding, analyzing and managing properties.  Not only are they property investors, but they have started a property management company and provide great resources into how they manage their own and other investor's properties.

Using the cash out refinance strategy, they have managed to house hack and buy pure investment properties. After building a relationship with a local bank, they have been able to utilize commercial loans to finance their properties.  Not sure you know much about commercial loans?  Ashley shares what her bank wanted to see in order to allow she and her husband to get the finances.



What You'll Learn...

  • How to use a cash out refi to grow your portfolio
  • Why house hacking enabled them to get started
  • Tips for managing your properties (from owners of a property management company)
  • Commercial loan terms and how it might be an option for you
  • Building a portfolio worth over 1 million dollars with 35k

Resources Mentioned In The Show...


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Click here to access the two free gifts that Ashley has for you for tuning into her show.  Download the Top 5 Mistakes New Real Estate Investors Make & a #REFreedom Deal Tracking spreadsheet that can allow you to stay more organized in your investing.

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