Show 004: You May Be Breaking Real Estate Laws and Not Even Know It

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In show 4 Brian Davis, vice president of EZLandlord Forms, joins us to talk about how important it is to know your state's landlord tenant laws.  He shares with us a variety of great resources available on EZLandlord Forms to help you through the land lording process. Even more, Brian gives us tips from his own investing in rentals and experiences in his career in real estate investing.   You can't afford to miss this show!



What You'll Learn

  • Understanding the importance of educating yourself of your state's landlord laws
  • How to protect yourself from breaking the estate laws
  • How an LLC can help investors
  • What to include in a rental application
  • What a solid tenant screening process looks like
  • Property Management- should you take the plunge?
  • Under utilized, but helpful, resources on EZLandlord Forms
  • Brian's tips from his own investing career

Resources Mentioned In The Show

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