Show042: Reflections on 2015 & Where We Want to Go in 2016

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Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2016 and I'm excited to be starting the year off with all of you in our RentalRookie Community. At the end of the holiday season, it's important to take time to stop and reflect on the previous year and begin looking ahead to the endless possibilities available to us in the new year.

Today's show focuses on reflecting on our 3 big goals from 2015 and whether or not we met them or fell short.  Then, we take some time to share with you our goals for 2016.

Part of our rationale in sharing our goals with all of you is to help hold ourselves accountable by allowing you to share in our journey.  We will keep you updated throughout the year as we work toward growing not only our family, yes we are expecting a new baby 🙂, but also our real estate investing business.

Thank you for continuing to join in this journey with us and please share with us what you hope to accomplish in the coming year!


What You'll Learn...

  • What goals we reach in 2015
  • Why we fell just short of 1 goal
  • What our total number of units in our portfolio goal is for 2016
  • How we plan to use cash to purchase a property
  • Our new exploration goal for a new type of property investing


Resources Mentioned In The Show...


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We are excited to offer you the opportunity to share your story with our community in 2016.  We want to highlight specifically our community of investors and what each of you are accomplishing.  Click here to submit your information to be a guest on the show!

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