Show 005: The 4 Biggest Excuses That Hold Back Rookie Investors

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In show 5 of the podcast, Emily spends time talking about some of the most common excuses that people make to stop them from investing in buy and hold properties.  While she admits to making some of these excuses herself at one point or another, she gives good advice on how you can overcome these excuses and use them to help fuel the need for educating yourself.  Listen to the show to see if you've made one of these excuses before and see what advice Emily has for helping you avoid letting excuses become roadblocks for your future.








What You'll Learn...

  • Why "not having the money" is not a valid excuse anymore
  • 5 Ways to overcome the lack of money hurdle
  • Why "not having the time" can't apply to real estate investing
  • Why " potential properties being too expensive or not where you live" should't stop you from investing
  • Real life tips (from what we actually did) to overcome this hurdle
  • Why " not knowing enough to invest" isn't plausible in the 21st century
  • How and where to learn more


Resources Mentioned In The Show...


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