Show50: Q&A- 5 Quick Tips on Improving Your Credit Score

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Improve Your Credit Score Now

Are you also wondering how to improve your credit score.  This show actually can be beneficial to anyone who is looking to make some gains with their score, even if it's not for investing in real estate.  The question how do I improved my credit score came from our Private Facebook Group and Emily and Kirk share 5 quick and easy ways to get your credit on the road to improving.

You can get started tomorrow by simply keeping the number of credit cards to a small number, keeping older accounts active, maintaining low balances and more.  Tune in to the show to hear all 5 quick tips. our free checklist that reminds you of these quick and easy tricks to improve your credit and get you on the road to obtaining great terms with financing.

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Download Our Free Checklist for Improving Your credit.  Need a reminder to hold you Finance-15accountable in improving your credit?  Download our checklist that has these 5 quick and easy tricks to improving your credit score now for FREE.

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  • Ron Meek

    Reply Reply June 10, 2016

    Credit is very important when investing in real estate.

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