Show51: Q&A- 3 Ways to Finance Multi-Family Properties

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How To Finance a Multi-Family Property


One of the most popular questions we hear from lots of listeners and our members of the Private Facebook Group relates to Investing in multi family properties.  Kirk and Emily share 3 ways that any individual, rookie or veteran, can go about investing in multi family properties.

Whether you plan to live in one of the units to ensure little money out of pocket, pay cash and refinance your money out 6 months later or use traditional financing to buy it as a sole investment, Emily and Kirk share tips on these 3 different avenues to buying multi family properties.

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Wondering What Avenues You Have for Financing Properties?  Check out our financing Finance-15module to learn how to get into properties with little money down, why cash can close deals and how to determine your qualifying ability before you ever talk to a bank. 


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